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  • Borde Rouge domaine

    Fruit of the earth and human labour

  • Borde Rouge domaine

    Heirs of the past still alive

  • Borde Rouge domaine

    The work of many enthusiasts

History of a vineyard

The vineyard of Château Borde-Rouge is one of the most picturesque geographies of the area .It is a natural amphitheater open to the sky, as the hand of God. At the heart of the circus, the castle, and on the steep hillsides of Mount Villebersan, the rows of vines that take possession of the red earth and form an illuminated green setting to the buildings of the castle and its timeless charm turret.
White rocky ridge, ocher earth tones and hundred-year-old pines sculpted by the wind: it is an enchanting panorama that can be admired from afar when arriving by the road of the Vins des Corbières.
On these medieval lands molded by beauty, still haunted by the Cathar tragedy, we invite you to a real stroll in the time between historic patrimony and contemporary creation.
The turbulent history of Château Borde Rouge is rooted to the origins of our civilization. Roman occupation, Saracen tornado and work of the Benedictines marked the fate of Borde Rouge.

Ancient Priory of the Abbey of Lagrasse, Château Borde-Rouge is as old as the Abbey of Lagrasse which it depended. Upon arrival, In the 9th century, the Benedictine monks had constantly highlight the field: they maintain a large vegetable garden and exploit the benefits of a sulphurous spring appearing on the field. But especially, they will quickly recognize and accentuate the richness of our very high quality soil . Guardians of a secular wine knowledge, monks and generations of winemakers behind them have shaped this protected landscape where vineyards and garrigue mingle harmoniously. Le Château Borde-Rouge is also the Legend of Philomena and the manuscript of the XIIth century, which tells the bloody clash between Saracens and Franks in Borderouge, whose red earth keeps of it traces for ever.

Les vignes

Le Château


To see more pictures of our magnificent estate

Fruit of the earth ... and human labour

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    Respect for the grapes and 100% organic production

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